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Wimbledon Clinic Physio's primary clinical base is the Wimbledon Clinic (SW19). At the renowned Wimbledon Clinic, our private physiotherapy clinic is staffed entirely by teams of physiotherapists who are specialists in musculoskeletal pain and injury.

We specialise in treating Back and Neck pain, Running injuries, Sports injuries, Shoulder and Elbow Pain, and Hip, Knee and Ankle pain.

All Wimbledon clinic Physiotherapy's physiotherapists are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, and the Health & Care Professions Council..

Wimbledon Clinic Physio Location - The Wimbledon Clinic

Our Treatments

While the number of techniques available are many and varied the key is to find the technique that suits the person, not the person that suits the technique.

We simply aim to restore movement, facilitate recovery, and encourage tissue repair. This is how we do it. 
  • Manual therapy Massage

    mobilising, stretching, stimulating. Can be used to improve movement, reduce muscle tone, reduce scar adherence, or improve muscle recruitment
  • Dry Needling

    Anatomically based use of acupuncture needles. Used intramuscularly to reduce spasm, or to provoke an inflammatory/healing response in chronic tendonopathies.
  • Joint Mobilisation

    Stiff joints respond well to mobilisation which are oscillating type movements of various strength. Collagen synthesis is improved, and pain is reduced.
  • Manipulation

    Occasionally joints require a high-velocity thrust to restore movement. Particularly effective in the thoracic spine. In a well-selected patient this technique can be very useful.
  • Graded Specific Exercise

    Strengthening areas that are weak or stretching areas that are tight. Not everyone needs ‘core exercises’, but most need some exercise. Rehab Gym Enables us to progress patients from immediate post-op to end-stage high-level rehab. We use wobble boards, weights, bikes, bands, balls.
  • Compex Industry-leading muscle stimulator

    Wide range of uses, but we use it mostly for disuse atrophy following surgery.
  • Radial Shockwave Therapy

    > Can help normalise muscle tone and improve tendon remodelling. Level 1 evidence in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.
  • Therapeutic Ultrasound

    While often overused, it still has a role to play in some injuries and some patients.
  • Biofeedback

    Assesses active muscle recruitment by analysing electrical activity during a muscle Helps patients to recruit previously inhibited muscle, and helps us determine which muscles require strengthening.
  • Foot scan Pressure plate analyser

    giving us foot pressure distribution information during walking. Helping us understand if foot posture is contributing to more proximal problems, and establishing whether orthotics may be helpful.
  • Lifestyle advice

    Much of our time is spent encouraging an active life, and advising patients how best to approach exercise as they get older. Our functional training team also help patients prepare for skiing or simply improve balance, mobility and strength.
  • Tapes/braces/orthotics

    can encourage better movement, and help patients move with less pain during rehab.
  • Specific programs

    Spinal rehab programs, ACL rehab, Get fit to ski, running re-training, functional training. Primarily aimed at preventing injury

The Boring Bits

Our Location

Located in the Wimbledon Clinic Building: 1 St Andrews Close, Wimbledon, London, SW19 8NJ


We’re recognised by all major insurers and will claim directly from AXA PPP and BUPA (minus any policy excess)


We like to see patients for 45 mins - hour initially, while most follow-up appointments if needed are 30 minutes.

Our Philosophy 

"We Believe In Rebuilding Your Body Up & Supporting It To Its Full Potential - Whatever Life Throws At You"
TEL: 0208 543 5477
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MONDAY – FRIDAY: 08:00 - 19:00

SW19 8NJ